Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First day of spring, just a couple of days away...

As we continue to grow, and develop our offerings for Wildersport Outdoors we felt it was time to venture into the online arena of blogging to share with you our experiences and perspectives on enjoying the great outdoors! And what better time to do that then when spring is literally just a few mere days away?

For those in northern climates, the weather will start warming up, the heavy coats will go up into closets and attics for their long summers nap, and the camping gear gets dug out of storage. For those of us lucky enough to live in the south, this is prime camping weather right now. The days are warm and sunny, with more than ample daylight to give a great, full day of outdoor activity, and crisp cool evenings mean friends and family around a campfire won't be toasted faster than the marshmellows. It is indeed a great time to be alive!

So load up your day pack, or even go all out and pack up your camping or backpacking gear, and get ready to head out away from the confines of work, or school. You never know what kind of beauty and wonder you will found out there! So go, and find your own "road less traveled"!

-- Outdoor Dave...

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